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By playing on you are agreeing to adhere to the following policies:

Rules of Conduct
Notice: Failure to follow our Rules of Conduct will result in your account being closed.

Our Rules of Conduct are simple. In fact, they can be expressed in two words.
Play nice.
This is a family friendly site, designed for people of all ages to enjoy the game of chess. Nobody likes cheaters or abusers. So please, don't be one of those.

No cheating
Cheating consists of using a computer program (like Shredder, Fritz, Chessmaster, etc.) to analyze a current game and suggest your next move. Or, you could solicit advice from others on a current game. That would also be considered cheating. Basically, we want YOU to be the one deciding which moves to make. Make your games on Chess Craft be YOUR games.

Be polite
Please don't be abusive towards the other players. No offensive or vulgar language will be tolerated on this site, whether it's in a comment made during a game or text in your bio or anywhere else. We have young players playing here. Let them learn those words elsewhere. Same goes for personal attacks, threats, etc. You get the gist.

Don't make us do it
We strongly believe that being civil to one another is the least we can expect from our players, and so we set the bar low, but the bar is firm. We take complaints about player misconduct seriously. Please don't make us close your account.

Privacy Policy
First, let us say that we are VERY conscious of individual privacy. We've taken every precaution to protect the data we have and we NEVER willingly share your information with anyone for any reason. Period. You're here to play chess. That shouldn't cause you to incur more spam or any other type of annoyance.

Personal Information
You can be completely anonymous on Chess Craft if you wish. You can even be a subscriber to this site without us ever knowing your name or email address.
When you do give us some information about yourself, like your email address, we will never give or sell that information to other companies. We make our money on subscriptions, nothing else.
Now remember, some of your personal information is accessible by others. Your time zone, country, and age are all fields that can be used to search for other players, so that information is publically available to all. So if you don't want others to know those things about you, don't fill in those fields. They are optional here.

During the login process, we do create a cookie on your computer as temporary storage. Once the login process is complete, the cookie is no longer accessed by Chess Craft. And it never contains any of your personal information. So you can feel safe playing on Chess Craft from any computer, even a publically accessible one, without worry of your personal data ever being exposed.

Site Data
Since players like to be able to go over past games, and the conversations they had during them, all messages players enter on this site get saved, be they in a game chat or a message. That said, the only time we access that data is if one player complains about another. We have no interest (nor the time) to spy on your conversations, but you do need to know that we can access them if given a reason.
The only way we would ever give up your information is if we are required to by law. (so don't do anything that requires us to do that, ok?)

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) was implemented to protect our children from online predators and Chess Craft agrees with it and follows its guidelines and principles.

Account Creation and Personal Information
When a player creates an account on Chess Craft and signifies that s/he is 12 years old or younger, we do not allow that player to enter an email address nor their country or time zone. These are the only pieces of personal information we track and we will not accept them from a child without that child's parental consent.
When the child player subscribes to our site, the subscription must be paid for using PayPal. PayPal requires either a credit card or a direct bank account be used for payment. Use of this method of payment is clearly beyond the child's capabilities and is considered by Chess Craft to be parental consent for the child to use this site.
Once subscribed, the child player may then enter an email address, country, and/or time zone if the player wishes, but only after parental consent has been obtained in the above fashion.

Child Safety
Furthermore, to protect our children players, a child can only challenge and/or message another player if s/he has a Mutual Friend status with that player (before or after subscribing to the site). A Mutual Friend is one where each player had classified the other as a Friend without any prior communication (via our site) with that player. In short, they have to have spoken with (exchanged Avatar names, at least) each other about it outside of our site, most likely because they know each other in real life.

Terms of Service

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